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Self Certification

High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investors are investors that are deemed able to look after themselves in terms of understanding investment opportunities.
Please certify by one of the below options your eligibility, so that we are able to share over further information and documentation with you.

High Net Worth Investor

I am a High Net Worth Individual

Sophisticated Investor

I am a Self Certified Sophisticated Investor

Restricted Investor Statement

I am a Restricted Investor


Many companies that offer investment opportunities are only allowed to approach or discuss investment with people who have self-certified as Sophisticated Investors or High Net Worth Individuals. It is a legal condition that must be met before any specific information on certain investment opportunities are provided.
By self-certifying you will be giving away some legal protection since there will be no redress from the FCA and you will have declared yourself as sufficiently knowledgeable to make decisions should there ever be a dispute and subsequent legal action.