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Hotel Property Ownership

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Hotel rental yields have potential to reach double digits, thus investing in the hospitality industry is potentially the most powerful way to procure the highest possible total return.

Private and corporate investors can acquire hotel property by means of institutional investment funds, pensions, or excess net worth – and once a purchase has been finalised, investor management is seldom required, as the marketing, rental and upkeep is handled by a room’s experienced hotel operator.

Many opportunities within this sector arise with globally established hotel brands on a leasehold basis of 100+ years, thus one can diversify their commercial portfolio whilst achieving a high level of security concerning anticipated rental income and long term asset value.

Gower & Mae have access to an extensive list of hotel ownership prospects in highly sought after locations, including London, Sydney, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Over the years, we have seen first-hand that effective hotel management is the principal driving force behind a profitable investment within this sector, which is why we’ll only nurture relationships with capable hotel owners and developers. Through these trusted connections, we can provide sophisticated market analysis and obtain in-depth RevPAR (revenue per available room) insights to help our clients enter the hotel property market feeling secure, knowledgeable and satisfied.


Total transactions in UK hotel market last year alone


Most profitable year since pre-recession


The hotel industry is another highly sought after investment. With 2015 being the second highest year for hotel transactions globally topping almost £59 billon, this trend has showed that there is still a huge amount of growth being projected in this sector which is set to continue through 2016 and into 2017.

“As interest from investors around the globe has ramped up, the deal pace of hotel property is at full throttle”

– Jonathon Scott