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Commercial Property Ownership

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Buying a commercial property is one of the best ways to spread, or diversify, risk in an investment portfolio.

Rental yields in the commercial sector are high, owing to the fact that the UK’s economy is strong, and the number of new businesses entering the market place is higher than ever before.

Whether buying on a small scale, or investing in supermarkets, offices and warehouses, significant capital growth is likely, as the increasing value of commercial property has demonstrated that rising worth within this sector is not just a passing trend.

Gower & Mae have access to commercial property opportunities in all of the major business hubs throughout the UK, including London, Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Leeds, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and the areas surrounding the M25. We are careful to only work with commercial property developers and partners that possess a proven track record of success, so we can provide our clients with thorough market analysis and in-depth property insights to make for a confident, transparent transaction.


Typical rental yield

Low risk

Long-term value growth


Commercial property is a strong contender for demanding one of the highest rental yields, often securing owners a 10% return on their investment.

However, it’s the stability of the market that makes commercial property such an affable buy, as long-term value growth has remained predictable in this sector where other asset classes have dipped.

“The key to success in the commercial sector is location, there are ten major business hubs in the UK, along with a number of potential-packing smaller regions”

– Jonathon Scott