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Care Home Property Ownership

The healthcare industry remains one of the fastest growing markets across the globe, and with Britain’s rapidly  ageing  population, care and  retirement  home investment can deliver strong and sustainable returns.

Worth £15.1 billion per year, the industry is fast becoming a staple of the UK economy.

There are currently more that 10.6 million  people  aged over 65 living in Britain and this number is set to soar to 16.1 million by 2035. With the issue of the undersupply of beds prevalent, even at this stage, care home ownership and development makes for an immediate investment opportunity that can secure long-term portfolio value.

Gower & Mae have access to an extensive list of care home property  prospects for those looking to buy existing  accommodation, and we offer an expert consultation service for developers interested in healthcare advancement. We are careful to only work with trusted care home operators so we can provide our clients with in-depth market analysis, honest care home insights, and a smooth transaction that they can feel confident in.

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How much the care home market is worth


of all deals in sector made by overseas investors


More than 10.6 million people aged over 65 are currently residing in Britain, and that number is set to rise to 16.1 million by 2035.

The industry is already valued at £15.1 billion, and as the demand for care home accommodation increases, the income that can be garnered through ownership within this sector will too.

“The typical care home property brings in an annual 8% rental return, working with an effective operator is key to sustainability.”

– Mark Sharman